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【 Pre order 】Crystal Aromatherapy Gift Box

【 Pre order 】Crystal Aromatherapy Gift Box

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Source: Honkai: Star Rail Official Merch
Manufacturer: miHoYo OFFICIAL
Product Content: Aromatherapy crystal, crystal jar, essential oil bottle, night light base, supporting data cable, instruction manual
Crystal Material: red glass, tea crystal, green fluorite, pink crystal, yellow crystal, white crystal (1 each)
Essential Oil Net Content: 15mL
Shelf Life: 3 years
Night light size: 80*80*29mm
Night light material: ABS/electronic components
Night light input parameters: 5V=1A
Night light battery capacity: 500mAh
Night light rated power: 1.2W
Shipping Time: July

①The dark red crystal block is made of glass, and its fragrance diffusion effect is weaker than other crystals.
②The essential oil of this product is not water-soluble and cannot be used in aromatherapy machines.
③The aromatherapy contains plant essential oil ingredients, which is a light type of fragrance diffusion. Using it in a large space will affect the effect. Please do not buy it if you mind.
④It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the product, and it can continue to glow for about 6 hours after being fully charged.
⑤Press the round button on the base to control the light to light up and turn off.
⑥If you don't use it frequently, please charge it every 30 days to avoid battery damage.

Honkai Star Rail Crystal Aromatherapy Gift Box
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